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Rory’s Book Club was run by the WB. All of those books weren’t mentioned on Gilmore Girls. I think of it more as books that Rory would read. I’ve been making my way through this list for over a year. If you have any other books from “Gilmore Girls” that aren’t listed here, leave a comment so I can add it.

I compiled the second list myself while watching the show. It also includes some of the authors & plays mentioned on the show as well as the season & episode number although I’m sure that some of these are wrong so double check before buying..

Added by me or a great commenter:

My list from watching the show:

Albom, Mitch “Tuesdays with Morrie”, 7.16
Allende, Isabel: Eva Luna 7.14
Andersen, Hans Christian “The Little Match Girl” 1.1
Austen, Jane 1.8

The Art of War
Beckett, Samuel 6.5
Bemelmans, Ludwig: Madeline 7.7
Beowulf 6.10
Bhagavad Gita 2.18
Blume, Judy 1.8 Deenie
Bronte, Charlotte 1.8
Bronte, Emily Wurthering Heights 4.5
Brown, Dan “The DaVinci Code” 5.2. 6.18
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett 1.16
Butler, Judith: Gender Trouble 7.14
Capote, Truman In Cold Blood 7.1
Carrol, Lewis “Alice in Wonderland” 1.2, 2.4
Chaucer 4.22
Cleary, Beverly Deenie 6.11
Clinton, Hilary It takes a Village 6.11
Crane, Stephen the red badge of courage
Dante 1.11
Dante, Inferno 2.22
Deepak Chopra 5.2
Dickens, Charles Oliver Twist 2.5
Dickens, Charles Oliver Twist 6.8
Dos Pasos 6.8
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 7.13
Drew, Nancy 1.17
Ellis, Bret Easton: Less than Zero 5.9
Erdrich, Louise “Love Medicine” 7.17
Faber, Michael “The Crimson Petal & the White” 4.17
Faludi, Susan
Faulkner 2.7
Field, Syd 6.17
Fierstein, Harvey 1.13
Flaubert, Gustave “Madame Bovary” 1.1, 2.11
Friedman, Milton: A Monetary History of the United States 7.13
Gallo, Donald R. “Sixteen: Short Stories by Outstanding Writers ”
Gibbons, Edwards “The decline & Fall of the Roman Empire” 5.5

Ginsberg, Alan “Howl”
Gogol, Nikolai “Dead Souls” 3.3
Grafton, Sue R is for Ricochet, S is for Silence 7.11
Hathaway, Katharine Butler “The Little Locksmith” 2.19
Hellman, Lillian “The Children’s Hour”
Hemingway 6.8
Homer 1.11
Hornby, Nick “High Fidelity”
Inconvenient Truth, An 7.8
Irving, Washington 2.10
Jacqueline, Susann “Valley of the Dolls” 1.5
James, Henry “Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller” 5.1
James, Henry “The Art of fiction” 1.18
Janowitz, Tama 7.8
Johnson, Crockett Harold & the Purple Crayon
Johnson, Samuel 7.5
Johnson, Spencer “Who Moved my Cheese” 2.4
Joyce, James “Finnegans Wake” 1.5
Kafka 4.22, 6.8
Keene, Carolyn “Nancy Dres Mysteries” 2.11
Keller, Helen 7.3
King, Stephen “Carrie” 1.13, “Christine” 1.16, “Cujo” 2.1, “The Shining” 1.2, 2.10. 1.1
Kundera, Milan 7.21
Lebowitz, Fran 7.8
Lee, Harper “To Kill a Mockingbird” 2.8, 3.4
Lewis, C.S The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe
Lewis, Sinclair 2.2
Lofting, Hugh “Dr. Dolittle” 2.18
Lord Byron 2.2
Macaulay, David Macaulay The New Way Things Work 6.20
Mad Magazine
McCarthy Cormac 7.1, 7.13
McCourt, Frank Angela’s Ashes 6.11
McInerney, John Jr. 7.18
McNeil, Legs “Please kill me: the uncensored oral history of
Melville 7.17
Menken, “Chrestomathy” 1.3
Meyer, Phillip “The Vanishing Newspaper” 7.15
Miller, Henry 7.3
Mitchell, Margaret “Gone with the wind” 2.11
rorys book club list
Mojo 2.5
Moliere’s Biography 2.8,3.15 Not the actual title just too lazy to find it
Musil, Robert 6.8
Norton Anthologies 7.9
Page Six
Plath, Sylvia “The Unabridged Journals of Syliva Plath” 1.12
Powell, Dawn “Selected Letters of Dawn Powell” 2.15
Proust, Marcel “Swan’s Way” 1.11
punk” 2.19
Rilke, Ranier Maria “Letters to a Young Poet” 2.15
Robert, Henry, Robert’s Rules of Order 6.14
Rodgers, Mary “Freaky Friday” 1.6
The Rough Guide to Europe
Rowling, J.K. “Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire” 1.2
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter 6.20
Salinger, J.D. “Franny & Zooey” 2.15
Satire, Jean-Paul 1.5
Sexton, Anne 2.7
Shakespeare 1.11
Sherman, William T. 2.17
Sobol, Donald “Encyclopedia Brown”
Steinbeck 6.11
Stephen, King Cujo 4.5
Steves, Rick Europe Through the Back Door
SunTzu “Art of War” 3.5
Tan, Amy “The Joy Luck Club’ 2.10
Tan, Amy “The Joy Luck Club’ 2.10, 7.2
Thompson, Emma Nanny McPhee 6.17
Thomspon, Hunter 1.8
Tolstoy 6.8, 7.5
Twain, Mark “Huckleberry Finn” 1.1, 7.20
Voltaire “Candide” 2.18
Wharton, Edith 1.6
White, E.B. Charlotte’s Web 6.17, 7.3
Whitman, Walt 1.11
Wiggin, Kate Douglas “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm” 2.21
Wodehouse, P.G. 5.5
Yeats, William Butler 7.16

My library was sorely lacking in these books, so I use for free. It’s saved me thousands of dollars, but I still don’t have enough spare cash for that Burken Bag.

My experience with the Rory Gilmore book list went on for years. I loved the Rory Gilmore books in the new section and finished those off quite quickly, well most of them that I could find. However, the classical ones were my demise and why I never finished. Looking back over these I realize how many of my favorite authors I found through this list. Sure, I’m no longer doing the Rory book club, but I think most of what I read is still inspired by this.

11 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club

  1. Sara

    Hey I love the site! I’m glad im not the only one who is infatuated with the Gilmore Girls. Anyhow the reason for this comment is the book ” Howl and Other Poems” by Allen Ginsberg wasn’t on the WB list, but Jess and Rory both read it so I thought I’d suggest it for your site!

  2. Mandy

    the “outsiders” by-S. E Hinton a book rory read (season 1 episode 9 rorys dance- rory and dean in deans car on there way to the dance talking about going in or not to the dance !!

  3. Kristin

    You should add “Atonement,” by Ian McEwan. Rory is seen reading it in the fourth season. I don’t remember the name of the episode but it’s shown when she gets to the classroom early for “shopping week” and then again later when she leaves the party and goes into her bedroom. 🙂

  4. Stephanie

    I know she’s read “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers, though I’ve never seen it pop up on any of these lists. You only see the cover of the book in the episode, so if you don’t recognize it, you wouldn’t know. It’s a great book, and one I’d recommend!

  5. Holly

    I am sooo glad I am not the only one OBSESSED! with “Gilmore girls” I own all 6 season, waiting for the 7th to come out. I have seen EVERY episode, and I idolize Rory. Just thoughtI would put that out there. Also, I am reading this book list too. I have read about 50 books on it.

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  7. Kayla

    You should add Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter. Being read by Rory Season 2 episode 7 at multiple points but namely 34:17.

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