The New Stars Hollow

After watching season 2 of Hart of Dixie; it reminds me even more of what Gilmore Girls would’ve been had it been set in the south. It’s not just the gazebo. There’s an episode where there’s a town flash mob proposal with everyone dressed up like zombies. It lacks the supporting character aspect that Gilmore Girls has. Well, ok there is a main cast in Hart of Dixie and the main character does talk very fast but I’m not emotionally invested in that part of the show. I just love the zany but caring small town. I mostly just watch it for the gazebo. I wish Stars Hollow would’ve had it’s own spin off show.

My Lorelei Jacket

One iconic Lorelei item that I haven’t been able to find all this time is a velvet jacket. I learned about this cool site called Thredup the other day that is an online consignment store. You can follow the pin and get instructions for $10 for free. (I will get $10 for free too so I can get more awesome Lorelei inspired stuff). The jacket isn’t an exact replica, it’s just something I’ve had on my list for awhile. The vest has nothing to do with GG; I got both of these items for $7 after my coupon code but you could potentially get something for free if you put the bulk of your coupon towards shipping and had a cheap item.

I Am Lorelai

When I started this blog a million years ago I wanted to grow up to be like Lorelai Gilmore, minus the having the kid at 16 which I didn’t do thankfully. I was watching the earlier seasons and I realized, I am Lorelai, at least when it comes to age… well almost. I am 31 now and it was so weird to see how much more “grown up” this character look and acted compared to me. I still have some work to do I guess but Lorelai would’ve been 32 when the show started so I have time.