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Amy Sherman Palladino I’m not

I was just looking at my categories column & it made me sad that there will never be another post in the Recaps category. I feel like I should hang a black wreath on that category or something. Instead, I decided to recap the entire show in one paragraph.

Lorelai got pregnant when she was 16 with the coolest kid in the entire world named Rory. They were best friends, unlike Lorelai’s Mom who was just a teensy bit evil. There were lots of boys around Rory & Lorelai, but most of them were losers. Coffee, lots & lots of coffee. Luke is pretty. Rory wanted to go to an Ivy league school & she did. Coffee.

Amy Sherman Palladino I’m not.

A Month Later

It’s been a month since the ending of "Gilmore Girls" & I still haven’t recuperated.  I still check the CW’s site to see what they will say about the next episode.  I can’t help wondering about the unfinished plot lines.  It seems like Martie just came back for no apparent reason.  We never learned about Grandpa Gilmore’s extreme mood changes.  We never even got to see Mrs. Kim with the twins. Plus, I would love to see The Lorelai’s first day at the Barack bus, ie The Lorelai’s first day at Chilton or The Lorelai’s first day at Yale. I can just see it now, Lorelai following the bus around the country to whisk Rory off in her free moments to ride roller coasters. Not adjusting well to a post Gilmore life, not well at all.

Bon Voyage Recap

Here was my day up until the series finale of “Gilmore Girls” that aired tonight:

5 hours until the show:  Realized that I would never be able to get dressed again.  May 15 is the day that Sarakastic’s style forever froze.  When I’m wearing a scarf in the summer, ten years from now, you’ll know why.

4 hours & 39 Minutes to show:  Tried to buy something to properly acknowledge the end of an era.  Could not decide on one.

3 hours & 47 minutes:  Refuse to drive anywhere in case I should get in a car accident & miss the last episode.

2 hours until show:  Freak out & wonder, what if Grandpa & Grandma Gilmore aren’t in this episode?  What were their last words to Rory just in case, quick get the videotape

Overall, I loved the last episode. I can’t imagine that Amy Sherman Palladino could’ve done any better. Except Amy wouldn’t have forgotten to write in Mrs. Kim.  Maybe all the budget was used on getting Christiane Amanpour to guest star.  Plus, Amy probably would’ve at least had a phone call from Jess. Everything I wanted to happen since the beginning happened.  Luke & Lorelei are together-ish, Rory isn’t dating Logan, Rory has her whole life/career ahead of her & it’s about mothers & daughters.  I even said what I wanted the final scene to be & I got that too.

Anyways, it was perfect, Lorelai & Rory were planning on going a cross country vacation to ride all the cool rollercoasters.  Then Rory got a job reporting for an online magazine, covering the Obama  campaign.  This also threw off plans for the town party, which Lorelai canceled.  Then Luke decided to throw a surprise party & he had to stay up all night & sew all of the town’s camping tents together to make a big tent for the party because it was going to rain.  Emily & Richard kept trying to get Lorelei to expand the Inn to include a spa, or tennis courts with a bubble built over them, so they could loan Lorelei the money so she’d still come to Friday Night dinner.  Luke & Lorelei kissed.  The next morning, he opened up the diner so Lorelei & Rory could have one last cup of coffee, & that’s where the camera zoomed out.  I like that they left things really open, like there’s still a story to tell.  This way I can imagine that Luke & Lorelei get married under the chuppah & Rory meets up with that cute assistant professor again.  What did you think of the series finale?  Were you disappointed?  What would you have changed?  Sorry, this isn’t an essay assignment, I just want to know everyone’s thoughts.