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All About Eve

Paris makes a reference to Eve Harrington when Rory is supposed to give a Yale tour to that Anna girl.  Of course, I looked up who Eve Harrington was, found it was from the classic movie called All About Eve & hunted down the 1950s movie.

I had assumed that I had already watched All About Eve, just because it’s talked about a lot.  I had not.  I also assumed that I knew the general story line.  I did not.  I even assumed that Bettie Davis would annoy me with her Bettie Davis eyes.  She did not.  This film was captivating &  it’s hard to captivate me because I’m cynical.

A bit of Garbo

I’ve wanted to compliment someone as being like Garbo since Kirk said it about Martha in the “Always a Godmother Never a God” episode. There was one problem, I have no idea what that means so I probably shouldn’t say it. I can only assume that they are referring to Greta Garbo. I can also infer from context clues (shout out to my fourth grade teacher for that phrase) that Greta Garbo was somewhat aloof. So I headed over to wikipedia to find out.

Here is a picture of Greta Garbo. I chose it because she looks aloof here.

In 1999 AFI rated her the 5th greatest female star of all time. That’s a mighty fine distinction for someone I’ve never seen in a movie. (They rated 1. Katharine Hepburn 2. Bette Davis 3. Audrey Hepburn 4. Ingrid Bergman if you were wondering)

She starred in silent movies early on which is why I have never seen her.

Straight from wikipedia:

When she was filmed, if something happened that she was not pleased with she would say, “I think I’ll go back to Sweden!”

Greta never gave interviews, signed autographs, answered fan mail or attended premieres. She was famous for saying “I want to be alone”

Ok, now I have to go outside & find people so I can use my newfound Garbo quote.

One of the few things Paris has ever liked

March of the Penguins has been on Animal Planet lately. I remember where Paris said that the penguin movie rocks. It’s basically the only thing she’s ever complimented.

At first I thought more than two hours watching penguins was akin to being back in high school & watching videos in science class. However, March of the Penguins is enthralling. It shouldn’t be so fascinating to watch penguins, but it just is. A word of warning: I now hate pelicans & weird seal looking things & anything else that is an enemy to the emperor penguin.