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Gilmore Christmas Music

I think that in the scene when Lorelai is trimming the tree by herself before she finds out that Richard has had a heart attack (Yes, that was a lot easier than just looking up the episode title) that the background music is Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses. I win the award for the longest run on sentence. I’m not sure this is the music, but if it isn’t, it certainly should be.

I still love “Tom Waits”

The VCR is finally set for tonight’s “Gilmore Girls” episode. (Yes, I watch the episode, while taping it & then buy the DVD’s, I’m just that sick). It’s a magical Tuesday because Tom Waits’ new album just came out. The GG heart Tom Waits, I heart Tom Waits. (You can read about my deep & abiding love for Tom Waits here. You can read about my deep & abiding love for parenthesis everywhere).  My afternoon was spent on his Myspace page listening to “You Can Never Hold”, then clapping my hands saying “Again, Again” & then repeating the process. Ok I can listen to “You Can Never Hold” about 12 more times before “Gilmore Girls” starts.


Is the Gilmore Girls soundtrack worth buying?

One can’t be a proper Gilmore Girl wannabe without owning the Gilmore Girls Soundtrack. (Fine, I’ve finally admitted it, I’m a wannabe. Happy?). You definitely get your moneys worth with 24 songs, including the theme song by Carol King. By my count this CD has 16 good-great songs, 3 fair to middling songs, & 5 plain bad songs. That is a pretty good ratio. It sounds like something the Gilmores would listen to. My favorites is the “la-la” music by Sam Phillips. You know the one, the songs that go la la la, where we can tell something magical is going to happen. I’m now on a quest to own all the “la-la” music from all seasons. If anyone knows where I can get more, I’d appreciate a comment. At my house things go something like this, “Sara I’m going to go get the mail”, “Just a sec, let me turn on the la-la music to increase the chances of something magical happening on your way to mailbox”.