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Must See

I’ve been sorting through the movie list on my own site. I figure that even though I have failed quite miserably at reading through all of Rory’s books I could at least try to watch a few of the movies. I’ve found that a lot of them I have to look up. I’ll admit that most of the ones that they make fun of I actually don’t want to watch. This got me thinking “Umm which movies did they actually like?” So do you have favorites from the movies or music list? I’m having trouble really getting to the very best because there are so many obscure references on the show.


I was listening to a Frank Sinatra based internet station the other day.  I can tell when people aren’t Frank Sinatra because they are women.  I have quite the ear for music.  Then one song came on & I was like “Ohhhh, pretty voice.  It’s not Frank Sinatra because it’s a woman. It’s so soothing.  I could listen to this all day.”

By the end of the song something had happened.  My face was resting on my elbows & I had no desire to ever move, ever again.  Then I looked up to see who the singer was….Ella.  It was exactly what happened to Sookie, Lorelai, Michael & Rory when they were trying to pick out Sookie’s wedding song.  I love Ella, but it was Gilmore de ja vu.

My Lane Kim Moment

I don’t know what made me decide that I had a natural affinity for the drums. Especially since I’ve never actually played them. I guess I thought I would be good at it because it combines my affinity for hitting stuff with my affinity for looking cool. A few years ago a friend gave me a set of drum sticks & then we proceeded to hit pots & pans, which Lane also did. I don’t know why I thought if I sucked at hitting pots & pans, I would rock at playing the drums.

I was at my friends new house & she led me into a room with a set of garage sale drums. It was the first time I ever sat behind a drum set. So naturally the first thing I did was take pictures of me looking cool. Then, finally it was time to play. I, like Lane Kim, knew this was my calling. Then I actually tried to play & realized it wasn’t. At least I looked cool.