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Need Something? Just Ask

Unless you ask something that is hard, or something that I just don’t wanna do. The lovely Krista asked for more detailed recaps because she doesn’t have cable. (“Gilmore Girls” is the only reason I have cable) Although I love being Krista’s only source of information on the subject (this means that I am also the best at least to her), I feel duty bound to share a site with scene by scene recaps. I am usually too busy throwing things & yelling at the TV to be that detailed. Remember, I am your favorite.



Gilmore Girls Wallpaper

I have pictures of my nephew as my computer background. This has resulted in the loss of dozens of hours of work while I coo at my computer screen “You’re so cute, yes you are, yes you are”. However, it makes me smile whenever I look at it. So I decided to post about my favorite sources for Gilmore Girls Wallpaper to share the joy with everyone else. What is your alltime favorite Gilmore Girls Picture? The picture on the cover of the Season 6 DVD’s is one of my favorites. There is a similar picture under the WB link posted below except it has Luke & Logan in it. I’d use it as my wallpaper but I didn’t know if it was a violation of copyright laws to black out Logan’s face and put a big loser sign over his head. I guess my nephews are safe in their position as my computer desktop wallpaper…for now.

Gilmore Girls Season 7 Spoilers

There’s no use in beating a dead horse. Besides I have repeatedly asked Lorelai and Rory Gilmore to be my friends and have never gotten a response. Therefore, I’m not a part of their inner circle, and not privy to spoilers, although I do try. This is by far the best site for Gilmore Girls Spoilers around. I’m not affiliated with this site in anyway, I just love what they do. They have all sorts of great Season 7 Spoilers. They basically collect spoilers from all the other sources so it saves a lot of time. So do you read spoilers or would you rather not know? I read spoilers because Gilmore Girls is my life, I have to know what is going to happen.