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Gilmore Girl Jewelry: Rory

Rory’s jewelry style combines the funkiness of Lorelai with the properness of Emily, the way she bridges all other gaps between the two. We’ve watched Rory grow up on the show, and through the years her hair clothes and accessories have changed. To truly become Rory Gilmore you will need:

1. Silver choker: Keep this a simple sterling silver choker with either black or red beads. Rory wears very dainty delicate necklaces that are very plain. Use a necklace as opposed to a pendant and chain.


2. Delicate dangle earrings. Try a change from the large bohemian chandelier earrings that are in style. Use a delicate sterling silver earring that is barely noticeable to add a feeling of femininity like these tanzanite and white gold earrings.


3. Maybe it’s just because I always picture Alexis Bledel as our generations’ Audrey Hepburn, but I always picture Rory in a tiara when she is dressed up. Granted this isn’t a look for the grocery store, but for special occasions, a tiara can distinguish you from all the other women who are wearing black dresses. Plus they are just fun to wear, I wear one to do household tasks when I don’t feel like vacuuming. Keep the tiara small so it looks like it could be real and that you didn’t steal it from a Beauty Queen. The tiara should be so small it almost loooks like a comb.icon

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Gilmore Jewelry Bargains: Emily Gilmore

icon Emily Gilmore is the sophisticated part of the hit TV show, “The Gilmore Girls”. You may hate her, and her panic room buying ways, but you must admit that she always looks very put together. Emily has very expensive tastes, but you can very easily copy her jewelry style on a budget. For Emily’s style you will need:

1. Gold Chain: Emily often wears this with her sweater sets. It should be a short chain, about 16″ because Emily wears such high necklines.

Sterling Silver  Cultured Freshwater Pearl Earrings Set Of 4 2. Pearl Earrings: Emily favors simple pearl earrings. Try a freshwater pearl to save money and no one will be able to tell. This is one of the best buys I’ve ever posted. Get all four sets of these genuine freshwater pearl earrings for only $19.99. These would make great bridesmaids gifts, or you can keep a pair for yourself and have three Christmas gifts ready to go. Just don’t tell Emily how inexpensive they were.

70' 8.5-9mm Enhanced Black Cultured Fw Pearl Necklace 3. Pearl Necklace: Emily often wears a large black pearl necklace. These give the appearance of Tahitian pearls which often cost more than a mid sized automobile. Try a strand of grey or black freshwater pearls instead. This is a great strand because it is 70″ long so it can be doubled over for a multiple strand effect for less than $50.

iconicon 4. A brooch is a necessity for all of the DAR meetings. A pin says “I’m so rich even my clothes wear jewelry”.  It looks fabulous on the tweed jackets that Emily wears. If you can’t afford real diamonds, try a brooch with Marcasite in it, that will still give you that sparkle for under $50. Look in your jewelry box, and bring out the pieces that your grandmother left you because brooches are in style once again.

14kt White Gold 2.00ctw Diamond Bypass Earrings. 5. Button Earrings: Emily often wears button earrings or bypass earrings. Think anything that looks like a seashell. These earrings are two carats of diamonds for less than $800.

You can easily put together Emily Gilmore’s style in no time, and very inexpensively. You’ll be firing maids in no time.