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Gilmore Girls and Nice Guy Lessons

You know the saying that nice guys always finish last? Well Gilmore Girls always really plays around with this idea a lot. It seems like the Gilmore Girls are always stuck choosing between a safe, dependable guy who they know will always be there and then the bad guy shows up and he’s so much more exciting.

However, in the end results of the show we really see that sometimes nice guys do finish last, and sometimes they don’t. I think that the nicest guy that Rory has ever dated is Dean. Of course, he did have a little bit of a jealous streak and sometimes he was a little bit uncertain; but, really, with Jess around he had good reason to be. However, even though he doesn’t end up on the show he is still a very iconic character. He’s part of Rory’s past who really shows her what she’s supposed to be treated like and she often compares her current boyfriend’s to him, just because they never seem to match up.

What I love about the show Gilmore Girls is that there are some guys on there that most women would just love to date. However, they all have flaws. Still, they seem quite realistic. Some of them aren’t even that handsome. Sometimes they are moody or sometimes they are indecisive. I think this gives a much more realistic look as to what life is really like.

For instance, of course, we see this a lot with Luke. He tends to wear flannel shirts and a dirty baseball cap. He rarely smiles. You can never tell if he’s joking. He seems a little bit antisocial at times. He could just be a regular guy who was into fishing. However, just like guys in real life everyone has their moment of greatness and for Luke that moment of greatness is in his stability. He is always fixing things around Lorelai’s house, even when they aren’t dating. He just takes care of the people in his life without ever asking for anything in return; this is really why he is so special.

Gilmore Girls and Best Friend Lessons

There are a lot of different relationships on the show Gilmore Girls and some of them are more complex than others. For instance, Rory has a very complicated relationship with her grandmother. At times she hates her just because she has been so controlling to her mother Lorelai. However, at times, she really does love her as well just because she is her grandmother, and she does treat Rory quite well as her granddaughter. Another common conflict is just going to be the two different worlds in which she lives. She goes to a fancy private school and her grandparents are quite wealthy. However she is being raised by a single mother, and she enjoys simple movie nights with lots of candy.

I think what really grounds these two worlds for her is Lane. Lane is willing to go with her everywhere. She goes to the fancy Chilton parties. She goes to Rory’s birthday party at her grandparents house. Even though Lane isn’t comfortable in that world she is totally committed to making sure that it is comfortable for Rory. This is why she is such a great best friend.

What I love about the show Gilmore Girls is that there is such a strong female presence. We aren’t really going to see women just fighting over men all the time. They are really forming relationships and bonds with the friendships. They are really putting the effort in, instead of just constantly sitting around talking about men.

For Lorelai her best friend is going to be Sookie. Of course, she is also very close with her daughter, Rory. However, these are the people that she can just hang out and watch movies with and just enjoy herself. She is always in their corner and she is always in their corner. In fact, they do even go into business together. Usually people say don’t go into business with your friends or your family, but somehow these two really make it work; just because they are so committed to their friendship, and they are so committed to their mutual dream.

Even though the show is off the air I still like to think that they are still best friends and will continue to be for life. Even though Lorelai has a very volatile relationship when it comes to men she almost always has a good relationship with Sookie. When they fight, they know that they are both committed enough to their friendship that they’re going to put it back together.

Gilmore Girl Lessons on Dreams

I think one of the most interesting things that we see on the show Gilmore Girls is that every character really seems to have a dream. This could really be quite simple. For instance, consider the concierge at the Independence Inn. His name is Michael and he always seems to hate everything in the entire world. However, even he has hopes and dreams. They may be superficial and they might be shallow. However, they are important to him.

One thing that’s very important to him is his appearance. He puts a lot of money into it. He constantly counts calories. He also does a lot of dancing. He doesn’t like anything that is normal or average. He often complains that the work that he does every day interferes with how he’s looking. At one point, it’s quite hilarious just because he does win a trailer on the Price is Right and he doesn’t know how to drive it. It gets stuck in the Dragonflys Inn’s driveway. We never really hear his dreams out right on the show, but I’m pretty sure it would have something to do with meeting Celine Dion. He’s always going to tons of her concerts. This is probably what makes such a very humdrum kind of job very bearable for him.