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Who is Michel Gerard?

If you watch the show Gilmore Girls then you probably know who Michel Gerard is. Yanic Truesdal is the actor who plays him. He works at the Independence Inn. He is kind of the bane of Lorelai’s existence. He is a Frenchman who loves to dance and wear really nice clothes.

He’s really known for his snide one liners and his French accent. He rarely gets excited unless you mention Celine Dion. He was also on the Price is Right once. At one point we do hear him talking to a girl on the phone, but his love interest never appears on the show. That’s ok just because he does love himself so much. He rarely shows any affection for anyone and hates going to birthday parties, but he’d probably be quite upset if he wasn’t invited. He’s easiest one of the funniest characters on the show and therefore one of the funniest characters on TV.

Who is Lane Kim?

Lane Kim is on the show Gilmore Girls. The actress Keiko Agena brings this character to life. She is Mrs. Kim’s daughter and Rory’s best friend. Her family is very religious. Her mom is probably one of the more disciplined around.

Lane has an underground life as a fast food eating rock star listening all American child. She hides her life under floor boards and literally in her closet. However, she also forms a band in later seasons and she really hides her entire life from her mother. This leads to a lot of trouble in her dating life. When she finds a nice Korean boy that her parents would like she doesn’t introduce them just because then that would ruin his allure for her. Lane Kim is also supportive to Rory. They’ve been friends from when they first start school. They are unlikely friends but really share the same love of obscure music.

About Sookie St. James

Sookie St. James is on the show Gilmore Girls. She is played by Melissa McCarthy and has bright red hair. She works at the Independence Inn. She is Lorelai’s best friend. She is also a genius chef, if sometimes a little bit klutzy and forgetful. She eventually has a relationship with Jackson Belleville. Her personality is quite zany, but she is always the supportive friend.

We never really find out how she really got to Stars Hollow. There are a few references to her life before, but like most supporting characters we rarely if ever learn her back story. She is there for comic relief. She also is really thoughtful and ends up giving Lorelai a lot of great advice and causes her to think between all of her funny one liners. Everyone should have a friend like Sookie St. James. She is humorous as well as dependable. She really prides herself on working hard too and really tries to make every single meal the best that she possibly can.