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Say goodbye to frog girl

I was just thinking about the episode where Lorelai goes fishing with Alex. (Lorelai out of water. Yes, I actually looked up the episode title this time. Impressive eh?) Lorelai says she loves fishing. Sookie consoles her by telling her that she once told Jackson that she liked frogs & then Jackson started buying her frog figurines & all of Jackson’s family started buying her frog figurines & that is how she became frog girl. This inspired two thoughts:

1. Why do we always do that? Do we think a relationship will really come to an end if we don’t like fishing? Would we really want to be with such a guy anyway?

2. Why do boys think that the answer to such invitations will always be yes? I won’t go in the house if there is a spider in there. Yet, they always think I will love camping.

I have gone rappelling because some guy said “So do you like to do outdoors stuff?” I have gone fishing due to the same reason. Luckily when someone asks if I like hunting I can’t hold back an “Ewwww that is so wrong”. I’ve decided I’m not going to be frog girl anymore. From now on I’m going to say “No thank you, that is stupid.”

How caller ID ruined dating

I love the episode where Lane keeps calling Dave & then hanging up the phone when he answers. My love for this episode only stems in part from the fact that Adam Brody’s character is in it, even if it’s just his name. Yes, I have that much of a crush on Adam Brody.

Dating was so much easier before caller ID. You could just call to hear someone say hello & then hang up. You didn’t actually have to talk. I’m pretty sure every girl has done this. Stupid caller ID.

Gilmore Breakup Survival Guide

When I break up with someone my first thought is “How will I go on?” My second thought is “Whatever, he was a jerk & he kinda smelled bad too, I’m going to go watch Gilmore Girls”. I have a little Gilmore survival guide. There is an episode for every kind of break up.

If I freak out & break up with someone I really like but the commitment was scary then I’ll watch the episode where Dean builds Rory a car & tells her he loves her.

If a boy randomly leaves, then I watch the episode where Jess goes away on the bus.

If a boy is just being too immature for me to be around I watch any episode with Christopher in it.

If the break up is with someone I thought was “the one” then I’ll watch the episode with “The Way We Were”. That episode is called “Say Something”. I know because I watch it way too often.

Notice that I didn’t mention Logan.