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Rory’s Book Club: Unless by Carol Shields

I usually am not a fan of books about writers. Especially when the book is about a writer who is writing a book about a writer, who is probably writing a book about a writer. It’s just too confusing. The only time this is acceptable is on the Stephen Colbert Show when he stands in front of a portrait of himself & in the portrait there’s a picture of him standing in front of his portrait, so on & so forth. However, there was one chapter in this book that made the entire thing worthwhile, & I’m not telling you which one.

Rory’s Book Club: Rescuing Patty Hearst

My name is Sara & I don’t always read book jackets. This was the case of “Rescuing Patty Hearst: Memories from a Decade Gone Mad” One of the subtitles is also Growing Up Sane in a Decade Gone Mad.

I picked up the book, read the first page, closed the book & thought “Crap, that’s really good”. The entire book was on the same level. Then I finished reading it, looked at the book jacket again & saw that it was written by Virginia Holman. I thought “The girl’s name in the story is Virginia, could it be?” I finally put together that it was a memoir. In fact it’s one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read. It reads like a novel, serves me right for not reading the book jacket.


On my own poptart scale I give it a 3 pop tarts

Rory’s Book Club: Holiday on Ice

I saved Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris to read on Thanksgiving. I thought it was a sure way to get rid of any of my holiday blues. Me Talk Pretty One Day was one of the funniest things I read.

Holidays on Ice was still funny, but there were also a few extremely gloomy stories included. I guess I had David Sedaris typed cast as the funny guy. The gloomy stories were impeccably written, very good, but dang it I want him to be funny. So to recap the book was good, but it was no Me Talk Pretty One Day.