My goal in life is to become the 4th Gilmore Girl (3 gilmore girls counting Emily plus me, wow I just did math), and to bring the rest of the world with me.  I want to exemplify the education and well roundedness and style.  I want well roundedness to be a word. Check out our free Gilmore personality quizzes, and follow my journey to become Rory with my book reviews.  Are you trying to become a Gilmore? Leave a comment and share your story.

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  1. Ang

    I just got the complete box set for Christmas. Not that I don’t know the show inside and out and even remember freaky details that most people don’t pick up on, but it was the best gift i have gotten in a while! Anyway, I am joining your cause. My life has sucked so much lately and I long to be like a GG, maybe the push to be more “GG” will help bring me out of my funk. I look forward to reading your past posts and seeing what the future ones can guide me towards!!

    Looking for my LD also,

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