A Year in the Life: Rant 2

It’s been a week since I watched A Year in the Life. I started to watch it again. All week I’ve been getting questions like:

1. Have you read The Wild?
2. Have you watched The Wild?
3. Book or movie?
4. Did you notice how the conversation with Christopher alludes to Rory’s pregnancy?
5. Did you love that they used the theme song during the opening credits?

No, I have not watched The Wild. No, I have not read The Wild. I’m guessing I’ll like the book more because the movie takes liberties. There are so many small details that I missed because I was so invested in the show. I think I was actually in shock. I didn’t even notice the things mentioned in questions #4 and #5.

I still hate the ending but I’m glad that Amy Sherman Palladino didn’t finish the series originally. I know..blasphemy. I would’ve been a wreck if Rory had gotten pregnant right out of college. At least at this stage of life she knows that life is hard and not everything she wants it to be. She’s seen the world. She’s had her Jack Kerouac stage. I still like the end of season 7 better but now that I’m watching A Year in the Life again I don’t mind it as much. I was just in shock. I still don’t want them to make any more seasons or have any more events. What are your thoughts about the show the week after?

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