A Year in the Life: Rant

They did it. They ruined Gilmore Girls. Ok this reaction could be a little strong but it is real. I’m also typing as fast as the Gilmore Girls talk so please read it that way. For months people have been asking how I feel about the Netflix Gilmore Girls Revival. I always said that I was nervous.

The PBS special Anne of Green Gables is fantastic. Every Anne movie they’ve made since is absolutely terrible and ruins the original a little more. The first three seasons of Arrested Development? Gold. Pure gold. The fourth season wasn’t terrible but was it worth getting the whole cast back together again? Probably not. The worst thing about the Arrested Development finale was how they ended on a cliffhanger and so far haven’t made any movies or series to resolve it. There are a lot of spoilers in this upcoming rant so buckle up and be sure you’ve watched all four episodes.

I had a plan. I was going to watch Gilmore Girls in my apartment with classic Gilmore food. I was going to have tater tots and JIF whipped chocolate spread (not together) and frozen Doritos bites. Those last two weren’t invented when the Gilmores were around but I like to think that Rory and Lorelai would approve. I was going to savor each episode…no binge watching here. I’d space it out over a few weeks and then the plan fell apart.

My family wanted to watch it with me as soon as it premiered on November 25th. I thought that this was perfect because the Gilmore Girls are all about family. My mom even said to me “We are just like the Gilmore Girls but we don’t steal boats”. I laughed and said “Not that you know of”. I could imagine so many mothers and daughters gathering together and having similar conversations. So, I gathered up some Pringles and some pie and we watched the last episode of Season Seven: Bon Voyage. When it came to the point of Luke sewing tarps together for Lorelai’s graduation party my mom said “You still need to find someone like him”.

I cried buckets when I realized that this was the last time that Edward Herrmann would play Richard Gilmore. His last line was “It takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this.” It sure does Richard, it sure does.

At this point I was looking at a website that had a countdown clock of what time Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life would premiere. I had it timed where we would watch Winter at 10:00 my time and be finished by 11:30. After checking multiple sites we realized that it actually was going to be out at 1am my time so we went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night wondering if my mom was awake and we could watch it together but decided not to disturb her.

So here are just some random sentences that don’t belong anywhere else. I didn’t actually really laugh until Fall. I liked that the wpm was as quick as usual. Oober was hilarious. I’ve lived in many small towns and we’ve all had septic system debates. Overall, the pace was good. There’s plenty of obscure references. It felt Gilmorey to me. They had several points where they recycled entire conversations from the original series. Even the scene where Rory is sitting on her mom’s porch after calling Logan and realizing he’s with someone else closely mirrors when that happened with Dean’s wife.

I noticed right away there’s a new sign in Luke’s diner next to the phone sign. It says it prohibits:

Texting while ordering
Man buns
Taking pictures of food
If I can hear your music through your headphones why are you wearing headphones?

Another phenomena that happened was inappropriate aging. Some characters have actually gotten younger while others have aged 100 years. We need to get the Dorian Gray thing under control.

Lane: Younger
Zach: 1000 year old man
April: The same
Emily: Younger

It also was confusing why some characters came back and others didn’t. I love Ms. Celine. She’s amazing. Why would you have her though and Jackson isn’t anywhere to be found? Taylor, Kirk and Michel all got ample screen time. April was actually pretty amazing and I’m glad she was in it.

The worst part of this was Emily’s reaction to Richard’s death. She literally did not seem like the same character the entire event. I’m calling it an event because it’s not Gilmore Girls Season 8. It’s not a movie. Everyone else calls it an event so I’m calling it an event. Her personality had zero resemblance to her life before and maybe that was the point. If she had ended up happy that would’ve been one thing but she just seems too tired to fight back against her maids and imperfection anymore. I miss her fire. I miss learning about the proper height for taper candles. I could’ve seen her running away to Paris or perusing some new career goal but all passion just seemed gone…even in they way her storyline ends.

Up until the end I thought that they did a pretty good job with this. About Summer though I kept getting the sinking feeling that this wasn’t a good idea. Sure I loved the Life and Death Brigade montage. It was so different on my HD large TV than when I started watching this show as a college kid on a small tube tv. I realized though suddenly that this show wasn’t going to end well. What if Lorelai ended up leaving Stars Hollow? She seemed so dissatisfied at the musical. Was Sookie ever coming back? I cried when Michel said he was leaving the Dragonfly.

In many ways this show was a love letter to fans. I could forgive that they didn’t play the classic opening montage or even the theme song. Michel has a husband and is begrudgingly going to adopt a child. We finally got an answer to the FAQ of “Is there a Mr. Kim?” Yes! There is! We saw him for a brief second and he waved.

I was very worried that the show would focus on cast members that weren’t original to the series. The 30 something gang had me worried but they stayed in the background. I also wasn’t sure about Rory’s boyfriend Paul (friend with benefits?). Luckily, he stayed in the background as well and was pretty funny.

I was really hesitant about this event because when the show ended I was in my early 20s. I thought for sure I had a good shot at being Lorelai Gilmore. I’m now in the early 30s and I realize just how amazing she is. In a world that tries to take humor, fun and your hope away she fought against cynicism and talking at a reasonable pace. I don’t really care who ends up with who. What’s so special about the Gilmore Girls is that they are so uniquely and bravely themselves. Gilmore Girls made it acceptable to be a small town girl who reads too much. I didn’t realize at 20 how hard it is to hold onto that but in my 30s I do.

Lorelai was mourning Sookie while Emily was mourning Richard. I liked that they both were sad about these things for an entire year. When we left Stars Hollow in Bon Voyage the town was still magical. Sookie and Lorelai were running a business together.

Saying goodbye this time was very different. Yes, we finally got to hear the four words that Amy Sherman Palladino had planned. Those four words were the reason that I decided to watch it. When they came I felt sick.
“I’m pregnant.”
The execution was off. These were the four words that Amy had always planned for her show and I was happy they finally were delivered. However, the fade to black screen was jarring. There was no smile or hug between Lorelai and Rory. Now we’ll all ask when is there going to be a season 9 or a proper season 8. When we left Stars Hollow before I was comfortable in knowing that things would go on as they always had in Stars Hollow. Now it will be sullied by “Who’s the father of Rory’s child?” I know, I know…it’s a full circle thing. Had there just been a few more seconds it would’ve been perfect.

I was going to compile pictures of favorite outfits. I was going to gather up all the references and put them on a new page. I still may do that at some point but for right now my heart just isn’t in this event. Now I’m left questioning what kind of weird rant Lorelai will have about the word grandma. I do not want them to continue the story or add any more seasons. I am shocked by the last four words. I dislike that Rory ends up pregnant and unmarried in Stars Hollow like her mom. The whole point of Harvard or Yale was to give Rory more. That’s why Lorelai worked so hard. Will Jess and Rory ever get together? How about you? Did you like the revival? What did you think of the last scene? Leave your rants in the comments.

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