Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I’m a little bit less worried about the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix than I was the last time I wrote. Melissa McCarthy joining the cast helped ease that. Here is what I want to see:

I’ll be watching to see what Lorelai Gilmore is wearing. She always had the best/craziest outfits and I need an updated version of that in my own wardrobe.

Now that Amy Sherman Palladino is back I hope there’s lots of obscure movie/tv/music references that Season 7 lacked.

I’m still worried about the time factor. I know that 4 90 minute movies sounds like a lot. This show was largely about the town and day to day life and things that didn’t seem to matter but do. I’m not sure it’s enough time to really go in depth with my favorite Stars Hollow supporting actors. If there is a Richard Gilmore funeral I will lose it.  I just can’t handle that.

What do you want to see? Do you like the name of the reboot?

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