How I’m Doing

I started this blog in my early twenties. Now I’m in my early 30s and it’s time to take stock of how close I am on my goal of becoming Lorelai Gilmore.

  • I live in a small town with lots of quirky characters.
  • I bring up lots of weird references in conversation that no one else understands.
  • I think I’m spirited, strong, and brunette.


Here’s What’s Still Left on the Gilmore Girls Bucket List:

  • Where’s Luke?
  • I have passed the opportunity to have a kid at a young age.
  • I need Sookie too!
  • I don’t have a grudge against my mother.

So it’s hit or miss. I do appreciate her as a role model for single women who have to figure things out for themselves.

2 thoughts on “How I’m Doing

  1. Pamela

    Please don’t ever take this website down. I watched Gilmore Girls as a young girl and have recently begun binge watching it since I found out there is going to be a mini-series on Netflix. I ask you not to take this down because I have wanted to watch, listen, and read all of the movies, shows, music, and books they reference throughout the show. It is going to take me some time to finish them all, so I would love it if you didn’t take this site down ever. It’s awesome you compiled this list and I am so thankful you did.

  2. LH

    Love your blog! I just checked out seasons 1-6 from the local library and have been binge watching them. I’m on Season 5 now and the scene right after the parents renew their vows when Lorelai finds Luke in the town theater and there is a black and white film playing. I was curious to see what it was called because they don’t mention it and caught a line said during the film: “you are a little late cornelia i’ve won the game” so I googled it and found that is comes from My Man Godfrey, 1936. I thought I would let you know if you felt like updating the movie list on your blog. I guess I’m an obsessed fan now too, only a decade late! 🙂

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