Gilmore Things I Can’t Afford

I think that Gilmore Girls was more accurate than most other tv shows about how the characters would’ve lived on a realistic income. However, Lorelai mentions Sephora in several episodes. There is very little that I could afford in Emily’s world, but most things in Lorelai & Rory’s lives are easily accessible unless it was a gift from Logan or the grandparents. I just don’t see Lorelai shopping at Sephora. It is too expensive and not enough fun. Plus, last time I checked they didn’t carry any Copper Boom. Do you think the show was realistic about a budget?

2 thoughts on “Gilmore Things I Can’t Afford

  1. Alannah

    I think that Sephora was mentioned so much because they were actually one of the sponsors in the early years.

  2. Eledit

    I think it’s quite realistic in seasons 1-5, but then becomes completely unrealistic. Rory’s outfits in the last two seasons are way too expensive for an average college student (which she seems to be in the 4th and 5th season).

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