Is Rory Shy?

I found this interview with Alexis almost reminiscent of Rory here, just her mannerisms and trying to explain how she is shy. Do you feel that Rory is shy?  If so I should probably stop trying to be Lorelai. I keep thinking about the time where Chilton doesn’t think she’s socializing properly because she likes to read and listen to music at lunch. Remember when Rory had to get Lorelai to call that alumni and pretend to be Rory because she didn’t want to mess up the phone call? Maybe she’s just an introvert, whatever she is, she’s lovely. It’s just not that often to see a shy character/actor on tv.

One thought on “Is Rory Shy?

  1. Jaime

    I’d have to go with introverted. I think if she was shy she couldn’t have handled all the public debates, and what not.

    Side note… Pretty in Pink is missing from your movie list! (April’s sleepover)

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