Do You Watch Hart of Dixie?

To me there are only two shows on TV. Gilmore Girls and shows that are not Gilmore Girls. A great reader here suggested a few months ago that I might like to watch Hart of Dixie because the Stars Hollow gazebo is in it.

It finally came onto Netflix Instant Watch and I decided to check it out. I instantly related to Gilmore Girls because I have a mom. Plus, I’m a daughter. To me, that is the reason to watch the show. If you have a mom you will be able to relate to it. If your mom has been married for thirty years or is single or feeds you health food; there is a mom you can relate to on the show. I didn’t get the same feeling from Hart of Dixie because I am not a doctor in a small town. It was nice to see Stars Hollow again, but I wasn’t sure I was going to continue watching. Then I watched an episode where an entire town sung the town drunk off of a roof to “Moon River” so he wouldn’t jump. Then I knew I would be watching all of the other episodes because I live in a crazy small town. It still falls into the “shows that aren’t Gilmore Girls” category for me but it is better than most. Did you notice anything else from Stars Hollow in the show?

4 thoughts on “Do You Watch Hart of Dixie?

  1. rainyyesterday

    Uhm I’m not sure if this is the right post to comment on.
    But this is the most recent so I’ll just leave this here:
    Just like you I love Gilmore Girls. My mother even used prohibit me to watch GG because it left such a huge impact on me. Later on she joined me since I wouldn’t drop it. Uh-hu. Anyway I was planning on re-watching the show and search for the books mentioned after each episode. And I found various lists online which collect the books mentioned. So I thought I could just google me a list with the movies mentioned and found yours. Now I was looking through your music-list I’d like to add Macy Gray because that’s the first CD mentioned in Season 1 Episode 1. Well it could be a different one to you. I don’t know what they did then they translated the show in my language. But you don’t have any artist listed for 1.1 so I’d just say it’s Macy Gray.

    Yeah well. I comment again if I find any more things.

  2. rainyyesterday

    Okay, it’s not (watching the english version now) nor is Britney Spears but I think one can still skip on these…

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