My Rory Side

I tend to want to try and be like Lorelai; especially as I grow older. However, I do have a lot of Rory in me and this is why I initially related so strongly to the show when I started watching it.

Rory reads. In the early years she doesn’t really know how to dress. My favorite thing about her is that she worries. I love the scene when they’re shopping for school supplies and she knows the exact number of highlighters she needs. We all can’t be “manic pixie dream girls “running around on some crazy adventure. Some people like to stay at home and think about highlighters and maybe that isn’t as adventurous; but look where she ended up with some planning. So thank you Amy Sherman Palladino for showing a character that worries and frets and plans and works and is awesome. Have you noticed this about Rory?

6 thoughts on “My Rory Side

  1. cristiana

    Yes! I did! And i like her a lot for that! Do you remember the days when she first starts the school year or the college? She gets their super-early, she worries about the locker, the routes,etc. Lorelai says: “Look, freak, we’ll not be late!” 🙂
    I love your posts….can you please write more often?

  2. Laura


    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, sometimes I just browse through your archives – mostly when I’m in need of a book/movie idea – I’m glad they’re still up.
    Have you seen Bunheads? There is a lot of Stars Hollow charm in it – and tons of actors from GG (I’ve spotted Kirk, Tom, Jason, Zach – and of course Emily), plus Sam Phillips is there doing our favourite la-la-las. Even though the first two episodes aren’t that great and lack a bit of depth – I’m guessing they were just necessary to build up the story – the following ones are nice.
    Thanks for keeping the blog up and please don’t stop posting.


  3. Laura

    PS:. specifically about this entry, I’m more of a Lorelai girl myself. I’m probably be simultaneously sarcastic and slightly amused if someone knew the exact amount of highlighters needed. I’m not very good at planning, enjoy trashy telly more than russian dead authors, am kind of a procrastinator and my room definitely resembles Lorelai’s season 1-5 bedroom mess.

  4. Almost girl

    I have been watching Gilmore girls for years an Have watched the seasons at least 10 times, though I am much younger than people would think. I also think that I am a lot like rory because I’m quiet and I like to read and I worry and also want to be a journalist. I thank you for keeping this blog up because I don’t know many people who are like me and love this show, or know it. And this show is my escape and it helps me hold on to who I really am instead of letting go and sinking( sorry so dramatic)

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