Do You Wear Boots?

About three years ago an unofficial rule came about in Utah stating that if you were female and any age you had to wear boots and skinny jeans all winter if you were outside of your house. When skinny jeans first became popular I wouldn’t have anything to do with them. Even now I only own one pair and I occasionally try them on and I have never worn them outside of the house. However, my favorite trend was the boots because this is an iconic image I think of when picturing Lorelai Gilmore’s style.

My big fashion confession is that I can only wear Dr. Scholl’s shoes. Luckily in recent years they’ve become much trendier. Most people don’t even know that my shoes are so comfortable. I’m sure they think they are getting pinched horribly or I’m suffering for being so cute. I do have a pair of the crown boots. I didn’t read the reviews and take the suggestions of going a size up. The biggest problem is they are impossible to get on. In fact this is true of most boots unless they have a zipper on the side. They are lots and lots of work but so cute. Do you wear boots and is this your favorite Lorelai Gilmore look?

One thought on “Do You Wear Boots?

  1. iscah mckrae

    Very rare is the pair of boots I can get on. I DO remember one pair that I wore regularly for a reason that reminds me of Jess’ Anatidaephobia. *giggle* There were a pair of little girls whom I was tutoring some years back. Their family owned a potbellied pig. But, since they actually fed it in normal quantities, it didn’t stay as tiny as you would normally think of a potbellied pig being. Anyway…that pig had it in for me! I had bruises on my legs because, it actually would attack whenever I came in their house, biting me! It got to the point where I was actually kind of scared to go tutor the girls. But, I discovered that when I wore my highest boots, the pig couldn’t bite hard enough to hurt. Thus, the end of the bruised calves. I guess I’m fortunate the pig wasn’t able to give me a black eye. I might have made a poor impression on the potential in-laws. LOL

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