Name That Ice Cream Maker

First off whenever I have a semi long absence on my blog it always cheers me up to see lovely commenters who want me to keep writing. That has kept me going all these years so thank you!

One of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls is Run Away Little Boy. I mostly like it so much because of the ice cream maker that Lorelai gets as a wedding present after her engagement to Max and she doesn’t know who to send it back to.

Last summer I decided that I would like to be in the cooking room. I would even cook if it involved ice cream. So I bought a similar version of this ice cream maker. I’ve invented many new flavors of frozen yogurt like mint brownie and funfetti cake mix since getting it. I originally just got it because I don’t have a failed engagement that supplies me with free appliances. For some reason though whenever I look at it I think of the Gilmore Girls and the comment about not wanting to go to hell over apple cider ice cream. I still haven’t made this flavor. I got a turquoise version so I leave it on the counter because it’s pretty and I don’t have a lot of storage space. I don’t have a proper name for this appliance yet and am open to any suggestions. What random things make you think of the Gilmores?

One thought on “Name That Ice Cream Maker

  1. iscah mckrae

    Poodles!!! (would be an awesome name for a turquoise-colored ice cream maker, IMNSHO… It could even be Oy-With-the-Poodles!, but Poodles for short. 🙂 )

    Or, you could name it after their “mutual Leonard.”

    Or, “Bert” after Luke’s toolbox! LOL

    *giggle* If I think of anything more, I’ll add it. At the moment, all I can think about is the giant paper mache mushrooms with midgets dressed like angels dancing under them for Sookie’s over-the-top Emilyland wedding…but, I don’t know how to make that into a name… Mushroom Midget? *shrug* (Michel: “Oh please do not talk her out of these things, I do not want to die without seeing midgets dancing under mushrooms!”)

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