What’s Your Library?

No, I’m not asking where your library is. I’m assuming it is either local or inside some kind of magic Kindle box that I don’t fully understand. Like Rory I love the smell of books so I don’t even have an e-reader and still want a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a ladder like Beauty and the Beast.

Instead I’m asking “What’s your library?” In every episode where Rory talks about books or libraries her face lights up. She is so enthusiastic that then Logan, or the girl from Chilton, or Lorelai suddenly care about libraries because Rory cares about them so much. I’ve been spending a lot of time watching those scenes wondering “What do I care about so much that people can’t help but be enthusiastic just by being around me?”. It definitely isn’t an e-reader..but what is it? It might be Gilmore Girls but please someone tell me how to make a career out of that.

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