The Third Lorelai

Throughout Gilmore Girls we know that Rory is named after Lorelai. In fact Lorelai named her that way on purpose because she figures if men can name their sons after themselves then so can she.

However, then we find out that there is actually another Lorelai. In fact Lorelai is named after her grandmother who is Richard’s mom. She is a very proper woman. What’s more hilarious is that Emily and the Third Lorelai don’t get along. This closely mirrors what happens between Emily and Lorelai, without Emily ever knowing it.

In this episode we also see a date between Paris and Tristan; well we don’t see it but we know that it happened. However, this should be a dream come true for Paris because she’s always really like Tristan. When it doesn’t end up working out Paris of course does the perfectly logical thing and gets mad at Rory.

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