The Road Trip to Harvard

During the Road Trip to Harvard we see a lot of the differences between Lorelai and Rory. This episode features Lorelai literally running away and leaving all of her wedding planning as well as her actual wedding. She doesn’t want to deal with the fact that she’s canceled things with Max at the last minute so they take off on an aimless road trip.

So, at first they get lost then Lorelai knows exactly where they are going and it’s a surprise. They try out a bed and breakfast. They hate the overly friendly people so much that they refuse to eat or leave the room. Then Lorelai takes off for a surprise trip to Harvard. She acts as the tour guide although it’s not quite as official as Rory or Emily would like. Lorelai starts wondering what her life would have been like had she gone to college in a poignant moment where she finds the plaque from what would’ve been her graduating class.

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