The Ins and Outs of Inns

The Ins and Outs of Inns is an episode of Gilmore Girls that focuses on the relationship between Lorelai and her best friend who is a chef at the inn named Sookie. After Lorelai’s failed engagement they start working on their plan to really get their own Inn started.

One of the big problems with this plan is Mia. Mia is kind of Lorelai’s surrogate mother. She owns the Independence Inn and gave Lorelai her first job as a maid. She also let her live on the property. Lorelai feels slighted and scared when Mia says that she was just keeping the inn for so long just because of Lorelai and now she wanted to sell it. Lorelai freaks out on Sookie and she says that maybe Sookie is too indecisive to be a good partner.

Emily also shows up at the Inn. She’s never met Mia before and they have words just because she feels that Mia should have really sent her home.

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