The Breakup, Part 2

The Breakup Part 2 is an episode of Gilmore Girls with a lot of important life lessons. Rory is trying to get over the loss of her first boyfriend just because she couldn’t say I love you. It’s one of the few episodes that are actually applicable to life; because it shows what happens when you don’t really deal with your feelings.

Lorelai is of course there for her as both her best friend and her mother. She tries to get Rory to wallow; but Rory just wants to tackle a giant to do list and not deal with her problems. However, this ends up with dire consequences. Lane ends up going to her with a party at Chilton. Lane ends up meeting a cute Korean boy. In the meantime Rory sees Tristan in a moment where he’s actually vulnerable and they end up kissing. Rory cries and then goes home to wallow.

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