Star-Crossed Episode Review

This is episode 16 of the show Gilmore girls. It’s all about the first time that Dean tells Rory he loves her. Dean is a great boyfriend and he really even remembers anniversaries and makes them into a big deal with lots of planning even when Rory doesn’t remember.

They spend their anniversary on the same day as a festival in Stars Hollow. Dean reveals a big present for Rory: he built her a car. Then he’s going to be able to see her a lot more because she won’t be on the bus all of the time to and from Chilton. However, will Rory be able to keep the relationship going when she only has her mother’s failed relationships as reference? During the same episode we see Lorelai really wondering if she made a mistake with Max and whether or not she wants to get back together with him. As one relationship falls apart another one starts.

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