Rory’s Dance Review

One of the more hallmark episodes in season one is Rory’s dance. Gilmore Girl Rory is going to her first school dance. However, she has a hard time asking Dean to go with her just because it’s her school. Unfortunately, Tristan is also going to be there, and she doesn’t yet understand that he’s always such a jerk to her because he likes her.

This is also an episode where we see Lorelai’s skills as a seamstress. She developed them as a young mother when she needed to make clothes, or repurpose clothes into quilts to save money. Emily even approves of the dress. However, Lorelai gets hurt making it and Emily stays over to help her thus turning into one of the most brutal fight on the show. First it starts with Emily and Lorelai and is then passed down from Lorelai to Rory after Emily leaves.

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