Red Light on the Wedding Night

This episode of Gilmore Girls shows Lorelai getting cold feet. She’s been alone so long that she can’t really imagine a life with Max. She has trouble making room for him in her life; but especially with his new role as soon to be step father and doesn’t want him to be in charge of any of the decisions or discipline that may arise in the future with Rory.

Sure, Emily tries to sabotage plenty of Lorelai’s relationships throughout the show but in this one she ruins a relationship by trying to be encouraging. However, when she talks about how excited she was to marry Richard, Lorelai knows that Max isn’t the one because she doesn’t feel the same way about him. In this episode we also see Luke come to the rescue once again. He gives a Chuppah to Lorelai so she can get married underneath it because she hasn’t really done anything to clean up the yard. This is an iconic image because both of them stand under the archway to really admire it alluding that a relationship between the two may form.

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