Presenting Lorelai Gilmore

Throughout the show Gilmore Girl Rory really ends up always trying to please her grandmother Emily. However, Lorelai always cautions against this just because she knows how her mother is never happy or satisfied.

So Rory decides to be a debutant. She even convinces Dean to be her escort even though he hates wearing a tux or doing anything formal. However, then the only thing she’s worried about is asking her Dad Christopher to show up and present her. It’s one of the few times that we see how Christopher not really being around is just going to mean that Lorelai can’t always make up for things even though she can’t always do this. When he returns we see that there may still be chemistry between him and Lorelai but as usual there are huge obstacles that really lead to it not happening. We also see Richard really melt down because his company is trying to get rid of him and he’s not ready to walk away yet.

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