Paris is Burning

Paris is Burning is an episode of Gilmore Girls in the first season. It really is the beginning of a friendship between Rory and Paris; although it’s really just the very beginning. Throughout the show they have a very weird friendship with lots of competition. Of course, Rory’s best friend is either Lane or her mom Lorelai. However, Paris doesn’t have a best friend, and really has no one who can challenge her intellectually so the friendship and rivalry is much more important to her.

Paris is having a touch time at school just because the entire school is talking about her parents’ high profile divorce. So she tries to distract everyone from it by bringing up the fact that Lorelai is really dating Max, who is a teacher at Chilton. Paris catches the two kissing in a classroom on Parents’ day. This is also where Sookie finally gets up the courage to ask out her vegetable guy Jackson.

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