P.S. Episode Review

Lorelai finally finds the reason why the other Gilmore Girl Rory broke up with Dean. She originally thought that Dean had done something wrong or that he had been a jerk. However, then she went to fight with Dean and found out that the reason was simply just because Dean said that he loved her and she couldn’t say it back. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she didn’t mean it, or feel it; just that she couldn’t say it.

This leads to a big fight between the mother and daughter duo. However, then Rory does the unthinkable and runs away to her grandmother in Hartford; something that does delight Emily. In fact in the previous episode Emily in Wonderland she had already built Rory her own room in Lorelai’s old room. At the time Lorelai had insisted that Rory would never need it. However, now it breaks Lorelai’s heart even more that not only would she run away; but she’d run to the place that Lorelai fought so hard to leave and keep her from.

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