Hammers and Veils

Lorelai is finally ready to make her decision about her wedding on this episode of Gilmore Girls. However, she still has a lot of friction with Emily and she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know that Emily found out about Lorelai and Max’s engagement before Lorelai told her. This explains to the audience why Emily reacts so frigidly when Lorelai tells her about the engagement. However, Lorelai is still confused and hurt.

During the episode Lorelai is trying to find the perfect veil to wear even though she doesn’t have a dress yet. In true Lorelai fashion she doesn’t want to go to the dress store or do anything traditional. Instead, she just tried on a veil she makes out of newspaper and argues with Rory about the length while Rory ends up reading the newspaper. Also in this episode we see Lane being sent to Korea against her will as well as Lorelai and Max’s engagement party that is thrown by the entire town of Stars Hollow.

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