Forgiveness and Stuff

Forgiveness and Stuff is a heart wrenching episode of Gilmore Girls. It centers on Richard having a heart attack. This happens at a Christmas party. Lorelai doesn’t attend but Rory does. Then Lorelai has to make her way to the hospital. This episode centers on Lorelai’s complicated and often unfulfilling relationships with her father and how she would regret it if anything happened to them. Lorelai makes every excuse in the book to really just avoid seeing him in the hospital; but luckily he turns out ok although it does turn up later.

One of the lighter notes of this episode is the Santa burger. Before Richard’s heart attack, Lorelai is complaining to Luke about missing all of the great food at the party. So, Luke makes her a burger that looks like Santa Clause. He later saves the day again by driving her to the hospital and staying there until the danger has passed.

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