Emily in Wonderland

Stars Hollow is always really a refuge for Lorelai; that is until Emily comes to town. Stars Hollow is where Lorelai raised Rory and where she lives. It’s only about 30-45 minute drive to her parents’ house but it’s her safe haven on Gilmore Girls.

However then Rory invites Emily to Stars Hollow to pick up some antiques. It’s pretty funny at first just because it isn’t the kind of place that Emily would fit in or even visit. However, she gets into the spirit of things by wearing a jogging suit. However, when she finds out what Lorelai and Rory’s life was like when they were younger it’s a rude awakening. They didn’t have much contact then and there certainly weren’t Friday night dinners. Then she sees the inn and finds out that Rory and Lorelai used to live in a shed; although it’s a very nice shed. This has drastic consequences when Emily sees the life that her daughter would have rather lead than to live with her.

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