Double Date

Double date is a pretty light hearted episode .We see Gilmore Girl Lorelai really show her big heart. There is some trouble getting Sookie and Jackson’s together because they are so nervous and shy. So what happens is that Sookie asks out Jackson but she never makes any follow up plans. Instead, she just assumes that he isn’t interested.

So the solution is to take Lorelai along on the date. Just make it a double date with Jackson’s incredibly creepy cousin Roon. Surprisingly enough Roon is the one who is disappointed in the beautiful Lorelai, alluding to the fact that she is way too tall for him and it’s all her fault. Lorelai isn’t the only one with lots of double dating trouble. It’s also really latched onto Rory. Lane begs her to set her up with one of Dean’s friends. However, she doesn’t tell her overprotective mother about it. Not only does the date end badly, they also get in a lot of trouble with the parents.

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