Concert Interruptus

Concert Interruptus is the first time we hear about Rachael, who is Luke’s ex girlfriends. Really none of his other ex relationships is mentioned throughout the show. It all starts off at a tag sale that Lorelai is throwing for a charity in town. She picks up a sweater and then later Luke really just freaks out about it. It turns out that it belongs to Rachael. When Lorelai tries to get more information about it; Sookie questions her motives.

This episode also features Rory trying to make new friends. Lane is supposed to go with her to a Bangles concert. However, she makes the mistake of being honest with her mother about it and then she can’t go. Instead she invites Madeline, Louise and Paris at Lorelai’s suggestion because they are all working at the house together on a school project. Lorelai and Sookie give up their tickets for seats in the nosebleed section in hopes that it makes life at Chilton a little bit easier for Rory.

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