Christopher Returns

This is the first episode of Gilmore Girls where we meet Rory’s father. He shows up in Stars Hollow on a motorcycle to reunite with Rory and see Lorelai too.

Luke and Lorelai tentatively schedule a time to hang out and paint Luke’s diner. Luke is very resistant to change and seems to only be doing it for Lorelai. In fact he’s kept his father’s hardware store in tact even though he has it as a diner now. However, with Christopher returning Lorelai accidentally forgets this.

One of the big reasons she’s distracted is that Rory is finally going to meet Christopher’s parents: her fraternal grandparents. They don’t react to her as warmly as her own maternal grandparents and a big fight starts. Throughout the entire show we really see how the consequences of early teenage pregnancy still last well into adulthood and how it fractures lots of relationships. We’re also left with the eternal question of can Christopher and Lorelai ever really make it work between them?

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