Why Gilmore Girls is Still Relevant

Gilmore Girls has been off the air for a long time. However, the show is still relevant and there’s often reruns on or people looking for free episodes of things. However, you can still find a lot of relevancy in this show that hopefully won’t become outdated for a long time.

One thing is that this show has all kinds of layers to it. Just because the girls talk so fast and mention so many obscure pop culture references you can watch it several different times. Their hairstyles are still something that people copy and are pretty classic. You can try out some of Lorelai’s hairstyles if you have naturally curly hair, or extra time in the morning. If not, you can go with some of Rory’s staple looks. In the earlier seasons she just has long layered hair which should be pretty easy and quick to get the same look but it’s not the most polished.

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