Who’s Your Favorite on Gilmore Girls?

The supporting cast on Gilmore Girls is both varied and eccentric. Sure, it’s easy to just focus on Lorelai and Rory. However, the good people of Stars Hollow are what ensures that the show stays light hearted and funny and zany too.

So who’s your favorite townsperson? Kirk is great for comedic timing and there is always someone like him in every town. He works at pretty much every job that is out there. He’s awkward and you are never exactly sure what he’s talking about; but he always tries to make the most of town festivities. So if he accidentally loses some of the Easter eggs and they smell up the whole town because he forgot to create an egg map you really just have to laugh at him. I don’t know if he would be as fun to be around in real life but he sure is fun to watch. Who is your favorite Gilmore Girls town person?

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