Who is Lane Kim?

Lane Kim is on the show Gilmore Girls. The actress Keiko Agena brings this character to life. She is Mrs. Kim’s daughter and Rory’s best friend. Her family is very religious. Her mom is probably one of the more disciplined around.

Lane has an underground life as a fast food eating rock star listening all American child. She hides her life under floor boards and literally in her closet. However, she also forms a band in later seasons and she really hides her entire life from her mother. This leads to a lot of trouble in her dating life. When she finds a nice Korean boy that her parents would like she doesn’t introduce them just because then that would ruin his allure for her. Lane Kim is also supportive to Rory. They’ve been friends from when they first start school. They are unlikely friends but really share the same love of obscure music.

One thought on “Who is Lane Kim?

  1. Flavia

    I`m glad Lane and Rory remained good friends until the end. I appreciate that Lane asked Zach not to hurry them while they were talking outside in their last hours together.

    Early made friendships really last forever, no matter where you travel what kind of education you follow and I know Rory will consider Lane her no.1 best friend, then probably followed by Paris, Lucy , Olivia

    Great website 🙂

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