Which Gilmore Girl Would You Be?

Everyone has their favorite Gilmore Girl. Granted, probably not that many people are going to choose Emily as their favorite; unless they really like dry wit as well as mind games. However, when it comes down to
Lorelai or Rory Who Would You Choose?

I think Lorelai comes off as more daring. She’s bold; even in her choice of fashion. She’s always trying to draw close to the line of being a rebel; maybe because she grew up in such an oppressive household. However, Rory is going to be a lot more subtle and soft. Maybe this is so that she will balance out Lorelai. It can just be that is her personality and Lorelai has always allowed her to be who she wants to be; even if it’s a feminine bookworm. The Gilmore Girls do share some qualities. They aren’t great at fixing anything, working with their hands, or cooking. Maybe that’s why they love Luke Danes so much since he’s half handyman and half diner owner.

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