The Lorelai’s’ First Day at Chilton

This is the 2nd episode of Gilmore Girls. This show is all about big life changes. Rory is leaving Stars Hollow to pursue her education at Chilton. This is really going to help her to get into Harvard but it also really challenges her as well.

During the earlier episodes it’s really apparent how different both Rory and Lorelai are. Even though Lorelai is the mom she really seems to be more of the zany and wacky one while Rory keeps things structured. This is apparent when Rory is all ready to go on her first day of Chilton while Lorelai accidentally sleeps in and doesn’t have time to get her proper outfit from the cleaners. One of the other plot lines that are in this episode has to do with Emily. She tries to take over Rory’s education and life even further by providing everything she’ll need for her education such as new clothes or a DSL line until Lorelai takes a stand against it.

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