The Deer Hunters Review

The Deer Hunters is one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls in the first season. It’s really where the show tries to be a little bit more dramatic.

The problem really starts at Chilton when Rory gets her first ever D because she is really trying to catch up on the work she missed before she ever even started. She tries to make up for it by getting ready for her Shakespeare exam. However, life has other plans in the form of a deer. It also has some of the best one liners just because the deer hits Rory, and runs into Lorelai’s Jeep instead of the usual accident.

Both Rory and Lorelai really start to question whether Chilton is really right for Rory. Lorelai knows that she can do it but she’s worried about Rory’s overall happiness and well being which doesn’t seem to be thriving in this scenery.

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