The Best Things I Learned from Gilmore Girls

There are really so many different lessons that you can learn from Gilmore Girls. But my favorite thing is that it really showcases a small town in an overly positive light. Usually in the media small towns are just depicted as being boring. They are really seen as just being lifeless. They even seem to hold people back as the main characters always try to just get to the city where all of the action is.

Stars Hollows is home to both Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai chose this is kind of a safe haven to start over her life. She did this by basically running away from her own parents who lived in a very wealthy neighborhood and practically owned a mansion. She really tries to make her own family in a way that she does this is to move to a small town where she can be around people who really know each other and it’s quite a tightknit community.

Mothers and Daughters

Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows on TV. It’s not necessarily an educational show. I think it falls more in the category of half drama and half comedy. However the show really does have a lot of elements to everyday life.

One thing about the show is that it shows a pretty perfect mother and daughter relationship against one that isn’t quite so great. Sometimes I feel a little bit bad for Lorelai because she always seems to be going back and forth between her perfect mother daughter relationship with Rory and her very imperfect one with her own mother Emily. It just seems that she hasn’t gotten all the care and love that she needs. She really has to be some nurturing. The great thing about her is that she is so strong and she is so determined to really break the unhealthy cycle that is in her own family. Instead she really has to make up what a mother actually is and she really does this great even though she doesn’t have a role model.

What I Learned About Music

I’ve watched each episode of Gilmore Girls several times. I run a blog on it. I really think that the show is so important to me just because it has opened up doors to things that I didn’t even know existed. For instance I live in a small town that doesn’t get a lot of radio stations and most of them are country. However the show really opened up the idea of musicians that I had never heard of but probably weren’t getting radio play even in other areas of the country.

One musician that I really fell in love with was Tom Waits. His voice does take a little bit of getting used to. He is one of the musicians that either you just love for you hate. Personally I really love him. I totally agree with Lorelai’s assessment that he would be worthy of marriage if he was a little bit younger and not already married. These introductions are really what keeps me going back to the show time and time again.

What I Learned About Business

There are a lot of good lessons about life to be learned from the show Gilmore Girls. This is why it is still relevant even though it has been off the air for quite a while. I really do think that you can learn a lot about love and family. However what may surprise you is that you can also learn a lot about business.

What I like about this show is that they don’t say that business and family or business and friends just don’t mix. Of course Lorelei probably wouldn’t want to end up working for her controlling parent the Gilmores. In one episode she does try to work for Richard and she actually enjoys it a lot but she probably wouldn’t like it if it was a long-term thing. However she does go into business with her best friend Sookie. Sookie is a chef and she also works with Jackson who is both her husband and her vegetable provider. It only makes sense to me that with the proper boundaries that should really be the ideal work situation. You just want to make sure that you don’t get sick of your friends. What are the best thigns you learned from Gilmore Girls?

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