Season 2 Episode 22 of Gilmore Girls

We get to see Sookies wedding, well at least some of the planning in the season finale of season 2 on the show Gilmore Girls. She is finally marrying Jackson. Of course she bakes her own cake; and then worries about it to the point that she shows up the night before in her wedding dress to make sure that it’s right.

Christopher further complicates things by showing up again. Even Emily gets her hopes up that this is the time that he and Lorelai will finally work thigns out. However, life has other plans for the two of them. Rory is also confused about relationships when Jess shows up at Sookie’s wedding and they share a kiss.

The backdrop for all of this drama is Sookie’s wedding. We don’t get to see the actual ceremony; it ends with Lorelai and Rory who are her bridesmaids walking down the aisle.

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