Season 2 Episode 20 of Gilmore Girls

This episode of Gilmore Girls is called Help Wanted. Once again Lorelai’s parents try to take over her life, but suprisingly enough it isn’t her mother Emily this time. Instead, she almost gets sucked into helping at the family business.

What happens is that she fills in at Richard’s office while he finds a replacement. She really wants his new business to succeed since he was so unhappy when he was retired. However, she already has a job that she likes. Richard grows used to having her around and it’s suprising how well the two of them work together.

Stars Hollow also gets a new store: a music shop. Lane Kim finally finds her calling. Seeing as she knows every single obscure band out there it only makes sense that she’d find herself in love with a drum set. However, how is she going to hide her destiny and her drum set from her disapproving mother?

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