Rory’s Birthday Parties

Lorelai’s fun sense of parenting really comes out in this episode of Gilmore Girls. However, as usual, Emily tries to really squash it. This is one of the rare episodes where we see Emily and Lorelai actually getting along. They bond over a shopping trip for Rory’s birthday. However, like all truces between the two it is definitely short lived.

Emily calls dibs on Rory’s birthday just because it also coincides with her Friday night dinners and she refuses to make an exception. Instead, she throws a party for Rory and embarrasses her by inviting all of the kids from her school, who aren’t exactly her friends.

We also see a really cool tradition between Lorelai and Rory. They stay up late and watch the clock and then Lorelai tells the story of her birth. Luckily, Rory has a second birthday party that Lorelai throws for her which is more fun, and a chance to make up with her grandparents.

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